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Complete Solutions For C3DP (Construction 3D Printing)

Scalable Robotic Autonomous System

  • Heavy duty but light system

  • Easy to transport, move and setup

  • 110V, 10A power supply

  • Multiple Capacities and sizes

  • Scalable - parallel processing

  • Low maintenance and operation cost

World Class Standardized Processes & Capabilities

  • Lean Manufacturing/Industry 4.0

  • CCPM - Critical Chain Program Management

  • Class and On-the-Job trainings

  • OW Portal

Flexible Pump Systems & Material Mixers

  • Small batches or large batches compatible

  • Minimized waste of material for priming

  • Simplified hose management system

  • Easier to clean and maintain

Simple Software & Connectivity

  • Wireless connection via phone, tablet or computer

  • 100% compatible with commercial slicers and 3d Softwares

  • Pause/Resume compatible

Local Sourced

  • Cementitious and geopolymer mixes with components sourced locally and mixed on site

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