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3D Printed House
Model Home Design

Homeowners are looking for home designs that have innovation and make their lives easier. Probuild3D is working together with a Buildspot3D,  so that through its revolutionary robotic printing technology, it can build homes more efficiently, affordably, sturdy and securely.

Among all the benefits of a home with Probuild3D technology, we have:

Termite proof - no wooden frame or drywall

Panel Cover - maintenance, resistance and insulation

Some upgrades included - summer kitchen, storage and patio

Lower monthly, annual and long-term maintenance

Wall strength and durability

(up to 6X stronger)

Water resistant, fire resistant/proof

Vertical electrical wiring in walls

Digital manual and documentation (with AR|VR option)

Optimized construction process - less waste, less energy, environmentally friendly

Energy efficiency with superior insulation and materials

Design and insulation of walls - green energy

Modern appliances and LED lighting

No wood to form or roof structure

Future Projects: Emission of CO2 / Environmentally friendly material - SpotGEO© Geopolymer

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