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Entry level experience

Potterware alleviates the need to learn 3D modeling software allowing anyone to design sculptural or functional pottery. Features easy to use sliders and printable files download directly to your computer, which allows for you to unleash your creative potential in digital clay! Start printing with your clay 3D printer out of the box today.


Fusion 360

Entry-Medium level experience

Fusion 360 is a free CAD program for personal and education use. You can design objects of nearly any shape and size with many different tools. There are available tutorials online to learn how to use the software in the most efficient ways.



Entry-Medium level experience

Cura is our #1 recommended software to be used with our printer, and its free! Cura allows hundreds of different slicing settings to be tuned a tweaked. We provide the profiles for our printers that import all of the settings needed to be used with our printers.


Simplify 3D

Medium level experience

Simplify 3D can be used with any 3D printer. It allows you to have fine control on all settings of a print, such as layer height, print speed, and extrusion rate. There are other slicing programs out there, this one is just our preferred one.

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