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Discussions & Insights


What Will You See

• What can be built with 3D printers

• Types of materials for 3D printing

• Potential of the concrete 3D   printing market

• How to use 3D printing to benefit   your business

• The process of preparing materials   in the 3D printing system

• How to make money from 3D   printing of houses and objects

• Learn about the advantages   of home 3D printing systems

cdc presiden.jpg

Ernest M. Coney, Jr 
President and CEO CDC of Tampa

• CDC of Tampa

• Why CDC is invest in 3D printing of houses? 

fernando paolillo.jpg

Fernando Paolillo
Co-founder Probuil3D

• 3D Printing - A market of great potential and possibilities

• Understand everything that can be done through 3D printing on concrete and other materials

• 3D printing in the construction of houses and objects. What can be done?

• Learn how 3D printing can skyrocket your business

• Exclusive demonstrations of  Concrete 3D printer

Camada 3.jpg

Noah Callantine
Process Engineer – Concrete & Waterprofing Sika

• Expertise in 3D Concrete Printing

• Types of material

• Preparation of materials

• Application of materials 


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